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20 pieces per pack
INR 145.00 per Pack of Gross Wt:480 gms/Net Wt: 400 gms
Normal Packaging Charges : Rs. 90.00 for every 2000.00 grams of gross weight
Local Courier Charges : Rs. 55.00 for every 500 grams of gross weight
Rest of India Courier Charges : Rs. 55.00 for every 500 grams of gross weight
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Taxes extra as applicable

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Fruit Biscuits from Karachi Bakery is one of the most famous Biscuits/Cookies in India. Karachi Bakery is famous worldwide for these biscuits. These famous biscuits are also known as tutty frutty biscuits. These are extensively gifted on birthdays. It is an ideal option for Corporate Gifting too. Also it is a very popular home and office party menu. It is the most preferred option for parents for their kid`s birthday parties.
Gross Wt : 480 gms   Net Wt : 400 gms
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